Specializing in landscape earthworks

from golf course construction to residential gardens and yards.

Here at Peak Earth Shaping Jonny and his team have an eye for detail.

It’s not simply moving dirt, they sculpt and shape the land with the most natural looking finish possible.


With almost 20 years of industry experience under Jonny’s belt he has worked around the country shaping the most prestigious golf courses in New Zealand and in the Middle East.

Starting off in golf course construction, he has now expanded his skills into residential landscape shaping, offering a multitude of services to meet your specific needs.

Golf Course Construction

Shaping for greens complex, fairways, tees, bunkers, naturalized mounding, drainage, seeding, irrigation

Residential Landscaping

tree removal, laser leveling, excavations for decks, balconies, pools, house & garage pads, paving, flagstone steps, lawns, mounding and berm shaping


In my capacity as a golf course designer I have worked with Jonny on a number of high profile projects. He not only has exceptional skills in understanding the relationship between form and function but also has a tremendous work ethic. His skills with Rototilt technology result in an accelerated timeline but also in an extraordinary level of precision in finishing work. In my experience the extra cost of this technology is more than offset by the time saved and the level of detail achieved


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